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Poem with the ass


What I really want is to make a poem with the ass

Yes, it is the mouth that speaks, but poems are made with the whole body

It could be with the knees, elbows, but today I want a poem made with the ass


I'm sick of poems made with the soul

Poems made with a broken heart are to die for!


What I really want is a poem about an ass well cracked, which keeps in its folds

memories, stories and homesickness that you fart all over just remembering.

I want to know what an experienced Ass has to say and also Ass who let nothing in.

I want to hear poems made with Cus because Cus are many. Enough of stories held up with sticks.

Forged with cudgels. I don't even want to hear anything else but the ass.


What would a resistant ass say, an ass kept for a gift, lullabies? Romantic love letters?

One ass touched daily automatically. Would melancholic poetry come out of it, lyrics for bossa nova perhaps?

"The sad saga of the hand that passes and doesn't caress"!

And an ass open to the world, penetrated, frequented, laced. What would he have to say?

A learned ass, connoisseur of so many languages, a popular ass, fingered, within reach of any hand.

A tight ass would be a Freudian ass, retained in childhood memories: family gatherings?

Christmas lunches? Maybe that was an Ass of few words.


A poem made with ass. Without signature. No authorship declared. A poem of experience, of existence.

Manifestation. Resistance. A poem of summons, of invocation of transgression.

Anyway, it doesn't have to be a poem, it can be a short story, a chronicle, whatever.

Even better: what I really want is to hear an ass who doesn't care about literary genre.

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